Saturday, April 5, 2008

John Mayer did not make out with Perez Hilton, OK?!

What is wrong with people? Mario "Perez Hilton" Lavandeira is a talentless recovering drug addict who makes a living feeding off of the accomplishments and fame of others. In order to stay in the public eye he needs constant publicity stunts. His latest stunt consists of claiming that John Mayer kissed him passionately for five minutes on December, 2006, while Jessica Simpson rubbed Mayer's crotch. None of this is surprising. What is surprising is that people actually believe Perez Hilton! US Magazine even paid for a lie detector test, which Perez "passed," and now everyone is convinced that Perez Hilton is telling the truth!

Have we not made it clear that Mario Lavandeira is a sociopath? He can lie all day about other people and no lie detector will ever figure out that he is lying, because he simply does not care. A sociopath is unable to feel remorse. No one should be surprised, then, that the lie detector did not identify that Lavandeira was lying when he talked about making out with John Mayer, his latest victim.

Did the lie detector identify any lies? YES. When asked whether he was making these allegations for publicity, Perez Hilton lied and said "no." The lie detector went off. Why? Because this time Lavandeira was lying about himself, his own thoughts and feelings. As a sociopath, Perez Hilton only cares about himself, and the lie detector is able to identify lies that relate to him.

Even if John Mayer was bi, people, for the love of reason, who would be attracted to Perez Hilton? What are the chances? Perez Hilton is doing this for publicity, and because John Mayer is one of few celebrities that are brave enough to confront him and speak the truth about him. As Mayer rightly points out, Perez just wants to be a celebrity. Wake up people, boycott Perez Hilton.

P.S. - There are also rumors that this is all a stunt orchestrated by Ashton Kutcher for an upcoming TV show about fooling the media. The problem is that it is hard to tell if Perez Hilton is acting because Mario Lavandeira is always acting.


Rob said...

Here, bloody here!

Very well said you!

The Ugly Knitter said...

Amen! What an intelligent, and refreshing blog. I think I like you.

Anonymous said...

I am aware that Mario Lavandeira has become a public figure and therefore, an interesting business partner (money wise). I do not hate him personally but I believe that his business methods and public manipulation (of young women mainly) are unethical. He has become a sort of "bad boy" hero for those young people who think that he is somewhat cool!
I belong to the group of people who think that the respect of others is a virtue. Raising awareness among his young fan-base is my objective: it is not OK to publicly humiliate people on the bases that they are famous or gay, black, Latino or disabled.

Extracts from Billy Joel's daughter blog
"I can't help but be a little bummed out because the incredibly cruel, bullying Perez Hilton (this tabloid guy who calls himself the "queen of media") just put up a horrible picture of me on his site and basically in so many words called me ugly, or rather, wrote that I'm "not that bad, actually, I'm just no supermodel"... It's just rather depressing on a larger, societal level because apparently his tabloid site gets an average of 6 million hits a day (internationally), and I just feel like--WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THIS WORLD? Why would 6 MILLION PEOPLE be on a site that does nothing but exploit, objectify, ridicule, and degrade public figures for no reason?...I must say, I think this Perez Hilton guy is quite dangerous because has actually made a BUSINESS out of calling people "fat, ugly whores!" Why is this? Is it because the general public has somehow become so obsessed with the media that it is entirely acceptable to trash public figures (and their children) and call them all sorts of names JUST FOR THE HECK OF IT? I mean, there was even some blogger on there picking a part the appearance of my 8 year-old sister--it made me sick to my stomach to see that. She's just a little girl--and she's my adorable, beautiful little sister! I cried my eyes out when I saw that, I was so disgusted."

Anonymous said...

Perez Hilton is so successful because there are at least 8 millions people on earth who believe that bullying is OK. It's even GREAT as long as it does not affect them personally, their friends and family.

Anonymous said...

Amnesty International has been fighting for human rights for years. Is that mean that the rights of every single individual on earth are respected? NO!
Is that mean that Amnesty International should stop the fight? NO!
Has Amnesty International helped change thousands of lives for the better? YES!
Boycott Perez Hilton is raising awareness about the danger of endorsing people like Mario Lavandeira's appalling behaviour.
Is that mean that all Perez' fans and bully/thug lovers are going to boycott Perez? NO!
Has Boycott Perez Hilton Blog helped some people realize who Perez "Mario Lavandeira" Hilton really is? YES!
Shall Boycott Perez stop exposing Mario Lavandeira's cruel and dangerous behaviour? NO!

Anonymous said...

I post comments on your Website on a regular basis because I support "The Boycott Perez Hilton movement". However, as mentioned by few commentators, I believe that you should not insult Perez Hilton or his fans in your posts. You should not encourage hatred when exposing someone who bases his all career on bullying others. You shouldn't fight with Mario Lavandeira's WEAPONS because you WOULD be lowering yourself to his level. Leaders like Martin Luther King, M. Gandhi, Nelson Mandela or the Dalai Lama have earned people's respect because their behaviour and philosophy have always been about peace and respect of others. Hence, they managed to get their message across! This site shouldn't focus so much on the 2008 American presidential elections...Perez was cruel before the elections and he will remain so after the elections. It does not make sence to boycott him just during the elections (???)....Finally, I think that you should publish an email address where people can contact you. - JUST A THOUGHT -

Anonymous said...

This is Adrianne Curry's blog on Perez Hilton:

April 14, 2008 - Monday

Hi, My Name is Perez Hilton!

Hello everyone, my name is Perez. I love to insult people I don't even know. I tell masses of people that women are whores and sluts and I have absolutely no proof to back my claims. In fact, most the things I say about people are untrue and fueled by my own self loathing and insecurities.I was made fun of a lot as a boy and have been so damaged I have to degrade others to feel better about myself. I like to have my producers of my show call Adrianne Curry and ask her to come on. I also like to have them tell her and her people that I am ready to bury the hatchet on tape. Adrianne declines due to not wanting to do it on camera at the I then write more stupid shit about her on my blogs! That shows that I was really sincere, right? Or, was it because I wanted ratings from the girl I like to say no one cares about? I can say Adrianne is lying, but luckily she has a few e-mails saved from the initial contact from my show. I like to make fun of other people for how they look, act, or how big I think their star is. It's mainly to cover up for what a fucking joke I can be, seeing how I probably don't garner much respect from people for what I do. Maybe what I said would be funny if I wasn't so fucking mean!

Anonymous said...

Why Perez doesn't really care about his fan-base? Talking about his new radio show projects he says, quote:"It will hopefully introduce me, potentially, to a whole new audience,". Are your 6 millions/7 millions/8 millions blog readers (depending on who gives the figure) are not interesting/worthy enough? Or, the truth is that your real and only interest is money! Perez' fans should not defend him so ardently because honestly, he does not care. Your visit to his blog is just more money in his pocket. That's why he doesn't mind blocking email addresses and IP addresses of his ex-fans who dared criticize one of his blogs!,0,444969.story
PS: The radio show lasts only
3 minutes.